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Google Plus Ventures

Google+ is the hottest and newest social network that was created to compete with Facebook and Twitter. With more than 10 million users who share more than 1 billion pieces of content every day, Google+ hopes to have more social connections and key features than any other applications and programs to date.

One of Google’s strategies for getting people worldwide to use the Google+ platform and service is to make life just a little bit easier for you.

Let’s say that you wanted to buy a new mobile phone. Instead of calling ten of your friends and asking them for tips and buying hints, you could just go online and search. If your friends have found a phone they liked or bought, their “vote” will show up as a +1 with their name, indicating to you that they liked it, and you should check it out.

When you click the +1, you’re telling your friends, your family, and the rest of the world that this is something they should check out.

People will be able to find your recommendations the minute they’re looking for them. They won’t need to send out an email, make a phone call, or send a text message. Your recommendation is already in the search engine results. How convenient is that?

When you click a +1 button anywhere on the web, it might be for something that you would not necessarily mention to your friends or send them an email about. But the handy outcome is that their vote for an item, a service, or information has already been tagged by you as worthwhile.