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    Joint Venture Mojo – An Interview Between Jack Bastide And Willie Crawford

    Jack Bastide: Hey, everybody! This is Jack Bastide. Today I have the honor of interviewing joint venture expert Willie Crawford. Willie has been in Internet marketing since 1996 and has been a joint venture broker since 2002. He’s going to share with us some of the best secrets of getting more joint ventures.

    Willie, I just want to thank you for doing the interview.

    Willie Crawford: It’s my pleasure, Jack. In fact, I learn a lot about networking and doing joint ventures from watching you as you bounce around online.

    Jack: I appreciate that, man. I know that you’re very busy so let’s get straight to the meat of the interview. First of all, what is a joint venture? I hear that term all over the Internet. I always hear joint ventures. What exactly is a joint venture?

    Willie: A joint venture is basically just working with another marketer or business owner to leverage your assets. It’s noticing that you can’t get certain things done.

    Typically, I work with Internet marketers where a lot of them maybe don’t have the big list, busy Web sites, or name recognition, so they work with other people to get the word out about a product or service. That’s what Jay Abraham refers to as a host-parasite relationship.

    It sounds sort of uncomplimentary, but basically the parasite is the one that latches onto the host and feeds off of him. You go to a busy Web site owner, big list owner, or somebody who has name recognition and you propose to them that they work with you to roll out your project. It’s typically for a percentage commission, although it doesn’t have to be that type of relationship.

    It can actually be you jointly creating a product or service and then rolling it out as a team. It’s just that in the Internet marketing space and in the online world, joint ventures typically mean more of an affiliate relationship.