Public Domain Fast Cash!

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Public Domain Fast Cash is an easy to follow, step by step course that shows where to quickly find 1,000’s of valuable public domain images and how to flip those images for BIG DOLLARS again and again!

I know people who make a great living selling products that they get for nothing!

Think about this statement for a moment………

Is it possible to make money selling products you get for nothing?

They acquire these free products, they list them for sale on one or more of their favorite marketplaces, eager buyers snap them up and they make lots of money!

Fantastical nonsense?


I assure you it is complete and absolute reality and my friends Stuart Turnbull and Bart Hennin – 2 veteran marketers with over 20 years online selling experience want to share the insider secrets that make this fantasy business possible!

Stuart and Bart have a secret – it’s called the ‘public domain’ – if you haven’t heard of it before this refers to creative works (articles, images, photographs and illustrations, audio recordings, video recordings, film, books etc.) whose copyright protection has either expired or never existed in the first place. For example, the US space agency NASA has been taking pictures of the Earth, the Moon and the other planets in our solar system since 1958. Under US copyright law works created by the government or its agencies cannot be copyrighted – the Nasa picture are legally in the public domain! In other words, you are free to help yourself to this amazing catalogue of beautiful and iconic images and use them in any way you see fit…….. Including commercially!!

It’s an exciting prospect isn’t it?

And this is just one example – there are millions of equally exciting (and valuable) images to be found if you know where to look.

Introducing “Public Domain Fast Cash” the course that takes you by the hand and steps you through every aspect of this amazing business!

Stuart and Bart really have left no stone unturned as they reveal exactly where you can lay your hands on this treasure trove of visual riches!

They then go on to explain in detail 5 easy to set up business models to exploit your public domain images. (HINT – one model uses a print on demand fulfillment company who print the images onto a wide range of products including Tshirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, tote bags, posters/framed prints etc and then ship them to your buyer so you never have to touch or pack a single item!)

Finally they provide a comprehensive guide to setting up your own shop on their favorite marketplace – Etsy. Etsy buyers love these products and Stuart and Bart have been selling on this low barrier to entry platform since 2013.

All in all I am very impressed with the quality of this easy to follow, step by step course which will particularly appeal to those jaded marketers who are maybe looking for something a little bit different. It is currently available at a very special launch price so I urge you to check it out NOW before the price increases.

Want a unique, fun & honest online business your friends will be jealous of?

By now I think we all have a pretty good understanding of the treasure trove of FREE resources that is collectively known as – “The Public Domain”.

Most people know that they can use public domain material commercially without having to pay anyone for the privilege. They can simply help themselves to any of millions of –

  • Articles
  • Images, photographs and illustrations
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Film
  • And much more!

and use these resources to create products that they can sell online (or anywhere else) for profit.

“I love the idea of using Public Domain material to make money but how/where do I find this goldmine?”

In Public Domain Fast Cash we take you by the hand and share our secret rolodex of online sites where you can freely access all the PD goodies you need!

Next we take you by the hand and step you through not 1 or 2 but 5! Different business models for monetizing your PD resources.

These are all simple to set up, passive income models where you do the set up work once then profit over and over.

If you want a business that……

  • -You can be proud of
  • -Requires NO website
  • -Makes you automated income literally while you SLEEP!!
  • -Will leave your friends in AWE!
  • -Has ZERO inventory to carry
  • -Has ZERO shipping costs! (IN FACT you NEVER ship ANYTHING!!)
  • -Has ZERO product costs (you can get everything you need for FREE!)
  • -Has ZERO fulfillment (this is automated – you don’t even need to email your customers!)
  • -Needs NO list and NO technical skills
  • -Is a complete “set and forget”, “autopilot profits” generating system!!!
  • -Has a “built in” method for automatically generating REPEAT SALES!! (again WITHOUT you ever having to email your customer!!)

You NEED to check this out NOW…………..

Stuart Turnbull has partnered with Bart Hennin to create an ebook and video course that teaches in an easy to follow, step by step way exactly how to build your own, highly profitable business using free to obtain public domain resources!

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I wrote to you a few days ago about a unique online business that literally makes you money while you sleep!

Stuart Turnbull & Bart Hennin’s latest course teaches you, in an easy to follow step by step way, exactly how to profit from freely available public domain products that you create once and sell over and over.

Stuart & Bart leave no stone unturned. This latest release is a great antidote to the “make easy money online” BS that is everywhere these days. It is totally newbie friendly, has some awesome included bonuses and is FULLY guaranteed.

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