Easy Writing Tips for Everyone

Writing is a skill that radically needed for every blogger in the world. If you are English or Non-English blogger, your job is really depend on your writing skill. There are some writing tips that I’m going to share with you to help everyone can write better and more productive.

Write What You Want to Talk

You are stuck in writings? I bet someone feel that. But most of the people have capability to talk. You can use your mind to talk then you turn it to write. So instead of talking, you are giving command to your brain to get it written.  The bootleneck will be about in your hand. Maybe you are very fast in talking but slowly or less fast in hand writing and even writing on keyboard. The key is practicing and using good great enough keyword that will get a comfort in your writing experience.

Use Better Desktop Keyboard

In my opinion, bigger keyboard will be give you better writing experience. You can feel it when you are in writing with your laptop or notebook, You may feel write better in you are writing in Desktop keyboard.

You may take a look or browse for Keyboard related product on Amazon. I’ve heard in the past that Microsoft has been released a keyboard that great enough for writings. I’m not sure that this kind of keyword are still available in the market or not. There are maybe another keyboard available that has some similar feature that will give the writer better writing experiences.

You may search for Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 for Business on Amazon.com


I found this picture from Amazon and it a Used Keyboard. Really not sure why Microsoft did not produce this keyboard anymore to the market. There are maybe available in another peripheral brands.

Write That You Know Better

Write a things that really your expertise so you can write faster without doing much knowledge research. This is will be great if you are writing about what you are doing daily in your daily activities such as your main or office jobs, etc. You can also write a things related to your hobby. You are loving to tell anyone about your passion and more about you like doing your life.

Create an Essay Structure

Write that you want to tell to by filling up the essay structure. So you can control what you are going to write. This’ will help you to stay focused on your topics. I love doing this by analyzing the related search on the Google Search Result. You can take a look at the search suggestion then you will found enough structure idea for what will you write on.

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