Turkey on Sale Near Me

Why we love this. The perfect main course for your holiday spread, our fresh, juicy turkeys are self-basting & nettled with a pop-up timer for glorious results every time. Hosting a smaller gathering? Shop Member’s Mark Turkey 10-16lb.

Our juicy, delicious turkeys are self-basting and nettled with a pop-up turkey time to give you perfect results every time. These turkeys are priced per pound, and come in a range of 16 to 22 pounds.

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Here is a break down of local prices on Turkey – find the best price for your family! I used the Favado app and typed in my zip code. I then selected Walmart, Wegmans, Tops and Aldi’s stores to price compare. If you search for “Turkey”, then you’ll be able to see the prices listed below:. Wegmans: Shadybrook Frozen Basted Turkey, 14-16 lb for $0.48/lb – on shopper’s club thru 11/18/18. There is also a minimum of $25 purchase to get one of these turkeys.

Tops: The cheapest I see on their website is $0.99/lb for a Honeysuckle White turkey. They also have their price match guarantee posted – but that excludes Butterball & Honeysuckle brand.

Walmart: Currently Frozen Butterball turkey is $0.98/lb. The price is not advertised on the Favado app, but they always have a price match guarantee. The frozen turkeys are not eligible for the Walmart Grocery Pick-up service.

Even though you need to get your turkey in-store, I highly recommend trying the grocery pick-up service for your other weekly groceries! You can see a quick video review I put up on Facebook Live.

You get $10 off of your first order when you try it! Also, one more tip if you are shopping online in general this holiday season at Walmart – be sure to search for Walmart coupon codes before you checkout and be sure you are getting the best price! 75 Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes – Look No Further For Your Delicious Feast!

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Disclosure: the post below may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase or take action using these links, the site makes commission. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy . Once again, I’m rounding up the best turkey prices at grocery stores I’m finding (Seattle/Tacoma area). This is the time to start making your purchase as we’ve pretty much seen all the top turkey deals we’re going to see. I don’t anticipate further updates to this post unless there is some late-breaking turkey deal.

As I’ve tracked turkey prices for years now, you’ll notice that in some cases I’ve left notes on prior years’ pricing. I also addressed the question “what’s a good price for a turkey?” which you might find helpful to read when considering these deals. That post has been updated for 2018, so it’s a great place to start! PS – Love a good deal? Check out our extensive list of the Best Amazon Subscribe and Save Deals, updated frequently! Last updated: Monday, November 19th (Final!). I haven’t seen any new deals pop up, so consider this your final update for 2018 turkey prices for Thanksgiving! I’d love to hear what your favorite deal is. Fred Meyer Turkey Price. Fred Meyer has released their 2018 turkey pricing: $0.47 per pound with a $50 minimum purchase.

Additionally, you can get a FREE turkey when you spend $150 or more (limit 1 per transaction). Here are some of the Fred Meyer deals we’ve seen in years past (for my data nerds!). The $0.47 per pound pricing is the same as 2017. In 2016 for the Puget Sound region they offered a turkey for $0.49/lb with a $50 grocery purchase (limit 1). According to my notes, it’s been a couple years since Fred Meyer has offered a FREE turkey with $150 grocery purchase. In 2015, you could score a turkey for $0.69/lb with a $50 purchase or more. Going back a year, Fred Meyer also offered a $0.49/lb turkey with a $100+ grocery purchase. Edited: some readers have reported seeing special ClickList savings on turkeys. I’m wondering if this is a targeted offer; I can’t personally find it. It’s worth a look! What I am seeing: a $10 off your total purchase of $50 or more ClickList offer (good through 11/17 only).

This would most certainly help with your turkey and Thanksgiving dinner costs if you’re like me and dread shopping in the store during this busy week. Fred Meyer has their Merry Meal Kits Turkey Dinner priced at $59.99. This is up $10 from last year, but note that the price has held at $49.99 for at least a couple years now. The kit serves 6-8 and includes a medium turkey or smoked turkey, 2 home chef sides, 1 10″ pumpkin pie and a 12-ct. King’s Hawaiian Rolls.

QFC has released their 2018 turkey price. I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised because it’s not identical to Fred Meyer’s deal. This year, you can score a frozen Jennie-O Turkey for $0.67 per pound with a $25+ purchase (limit 1). However, the deal gets a bit better: you’ll save $10 off your total purchase of $75 or more when you buy a frozen Jennie-O turkey in your transaction. What’s not clear to me: if the $10 off is at the point or sale OR a Catalina coupon that can be used on your next order. Either way, this could be a very solid deal and worth considering if you normally shop at QFC. Last year, QFC offered $0.47 per pound with a $20 minimum purchase. Side note about last year: Nina also noted that at her store in Northeast Tacoma, she found frozen turkeys for $0.57 per pound – and it didn’t appear additional grocery purchase was required. Frozen Butterball turkeys were also selling at her store for $1.49 per pound. Given this solid past pricing, you might consider popping by QFC to see what you can find, regardless if you’re making additional purchases. Here are some more past prices on QFC, for those interested. In 2016, QFC offered a Private Selection frozen turkey for $0.69/lb with a $30 grocery purchase.

This was the same deal as 2015. While this purchase does not include the price of the turkey, the $30 threshold is considerably lower than we’re seeing at other stores. (Even better, they typically offer a VERY HOT Mix & Match sale which pairs up nicely with the turkey deal.) They offered this same deal in 2014 and are typically among the best stores to buy your turkey at. As a reminder, my price point for 2017 is $0.69/lb, so QFC is certainly a store to watch. This year, QFC is offering a similar deal to Fred Meyer: it’s a medium turkey or smoked turkey meal kit for $59.99. This is up $10 from the past two years. There are additional holiday dinners available online for order. I have heard back from my contacts at WinCo and learned that for 2018, WinCo will be offering a free turkey with a $100 purchase from now through Thanksgiving. This is a Grade A frozen turkey (excludes premium and fresh).

There is a limit of one per family, displayed marked cases only. Please note that brands may vary from store to store and limited to stock on hand. This is identical to their 2017 deal. Y ou can read more about this at my post from last week. In past years, WinCo has also pledged to beat their competitors’ advertised prices of select holiday items .

I’ve not seen an update on this for 2018. WinCo seems to flux somewhat on their turkey pricing year over year and store to store. I’ve seen lots of different reports come out of WinCo, largely because each store’s pricing and selection is often in direct response to local competition. To give you an illustration on the kind of variation we’ve seen before from WinCo, here are some reader reports I got way back in 2013. . Reader Rachel: “I got a 24 lb. turkey free at the Sumner WINCO today when I bought over $150. It isn’t advertised in the store, but the cashier automatically did it for me when she checked me out. I picked out the biggest turkey I could find since I’m having 25+ people over. There were several turkeys in the 20+ lb. range.”. Reader Peggy shared: “For me, it was Winco. You only have to spend $50 to get it to $.68/lb and that included the price of the turkey. I got a 20+lb turkey for just over $13.”.

Reader Katrina shared: “I got my turkey last night from Winco in Puyallup. My turkey was free because I spent $150, which is not advertised near the turkeys. However, the turkeys are smaller at this location than they were last year. The biggest I could find was 15 pounds and last year I was able to find at least a 20-pound turkey. My cashier mentioned the same thing.”. Reader Kim shared: “I went to Winco today (Tacoma store) and here’s what I found Butterball. 1.08 lb or .88 lb with $50 purchase; Winco turkey .88 lb or .38 lb with $50 purchase; Jennie o brand was the Winco brand in Tacoma;

Price of turkey IS included in the $50 purchase”. Reader Kathy shared: “Today, at the Marysville Winco, turkeys are .88/lb. Spend $50, birds go down to .68/lb. Spend $100 – .48/lb. Buying more than one turkey? All others are .88/lb.”. Reader Nina shared: “I got a Jennie-O turkey for free at Winco yesterday. If you spend $150 turkey is free. They don’t advertise it though. Same as last year.”. Albertsons Turkey Price.

Safeway and Albertsons have released their 2018 turkey price. This year, you can get a FREE frozen turkey with a $150 grocery purchase (limit 1) OR $0.49/lb with $50 grocery purchase (limit 1). As a point of comparison, last year they also offered a free turkey, but the grocery purchase requirement was $100. Also in 2017, they offered a frozen turkey for $0.39/lb with $50 grocery purchase.

So while these offers are strong, they do reflect a price increase from 2017. However, if we go back, you’ll see that in 2016 the purchase requirement was $150 or the price was $0.79 per pound with $50 grocery purchase:. As you can see, they’ve kind of flip-flopped around. All in all, their 2018 pricing and deals are pretty dead on with Fred Meyer this year. If you’re deciding between Albertsons/Safeway and Fred Meyer, I’d urge you to do the deal at the store you normally grocery shop at. For 2018, Albertsons is offering a turkey dinner for $59.99. This is $5 up from 2017, and another $5 up from 2016, and is the same price you can find at Safeway. Here’s what’s included: 10-12 lb. Fully Cooked Turkey 48 oz.

Mashed Potatoes 30 oz. Traditional Stuffing 14 oz. Cranberry Sauce 24 oz. Gravy 1 dozen King’s Hawaiian Rolls serves 6-8. (The same offering as last year.). If you live in another region (other than Western Washington), do take a peek at your ad first! You might find your store is running another deal. Safeway Turkey Price. Safeway has released their 2018 turkey pricing. I just evaluated this deal in the Albertsons Turkey Price section above (so just head to the Albertsons section above). For 2018, Albertsons is offering a turkey dinner for $59.99. This is $5 up from 2017, and another $5 up from 2016, and is the same price you can find at Safeway. Here’s what’s included: 10-12 lb. Fully Cooked Turkey 48 oz.

Mashed Potatoes 30 oz. Traditional Stuffing 14 oz. Cranberry Sauce 24 oz. Gravy 1 dozen King’s Hawaiian Rolls serves 6-8. (The same offering as last year.). If you live in another region (other than Western Washington), do take a peek at your ad first! You might find your store is running another deal. Target Turkey Price. Target has released their 2018 turkey pricing. This week (through November 10th), you can buy a Market Pantry frozen turkey for $0.79/lb (limit 4) or a Butterball frozen turkey for $0.99/lb (limit 4). These are good at Target stores with fresh grocery departments only. These prices are identical to what we saw in 2017, the only difference is the limit has gone up from 2 (in 2017) to 4 (in 2018). Last year, we saw these prices hold for at least a couple weeks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing holds for 2018. What I like about Target and why I think it’s worth considering: it’s a decent price with no additional grocery purchase required. You can go in and just buy the turkey with no fuss. I also am a fan of the generous limits this year.

Also, if you are military, remember Target is offering 10% off on your purchase through November 12th. Trader Joe’s Turkey Price. Trader Joe’s just released their 2018 prices and they are holding pretty consistent from past years. You can buy All Natural No Antibiotics Ever Brined Fresh Young Turkeys (12 – 16 lbs or 18-22 lbs) for $1.99/lb and Glatt Kosher birds (12 – 16 lbs) for $2.99/lb. The price for the brined young turkeys has hold steady since 2014 (!), and the price of the kosher birds has hold steady since last year (there was a $0.50 per pound increase from 2016 to 2017). Additionally, this year you can buy an Organic Young Turkey for $3.49/lb. I don’t have notes on that offer for previous years. Yesterday, I had the chance to head to Costco to check out the prices on turkeys. I noticed that my store in Federal Way was offering the same pricing as 2017. They had fresh young turkeys at $0.99/lb. This price has been pretty darn stable since I started tracking Costco turkey prices (about 2013). This is a very good price for fresh turkeys, particularly because Costco does not require additional purchase. Also this year they have fresh organic tom or hen turkeys:. Fresh Organic tom or hen turkeys for $2.99/lb.

This price in 2018 has remained unchanged from 2015 (and in 2014, they were $2.79/lb). I noticed that most of the turkeys ended up being about $65-70. If you’re wondering, as I was, about the difference between a tom and hen turkey, this information from a webpage called Turkeys for the Holidays may be helpful:. Most experts agree that a hen turkey is better than a tom, but it is probably a matter of personal preference. Hens are generally smaller than tom turkeys of the same age. Hens weigh less than sixteen pounds while toms always weigh over sixteen pounds. Tom turkeys have larger bones and less edible portions, which may be reason for hens as preference. However, age not gender is the determining factor for tenderness and all commercial turkeys are young and tender. 2013 Pricing: According to multiple reader reports, Costco offered up Foster Farms turkeys for $0.99/lb in 2013.

The price increase here seems consistent with price increases I’m seeing across the board. Also, note that these are FRESH turkeys, not frozen. There is a new turkey coupon for Grocery Outlet this week. It reads: take $10 off your turkey with a $30 purchase (the $30 excludes the price of the turkey). This coupon is valid through 11/22. With the coupon, that is as low as $0.57 per pound – the same deal as offered in 2017. You can get this coupon from their ad, which is also available on their website . Also, sign up for their email newsletter and you can get a $3 off coupon.

Dave’s Meat & Produce (NE Tacoma) is on Groupon right now. Pay $19 for a $30 voucher. I’m unsure if they sell turkey, but it may be a route worth considering if you prefer to buy local. You can call at 253.280.9999 to see if they have what you’re looking for before purchasing. What other stores or places should I be keeping an eye on this year for deals? Which kinds of deals appeal to you most when it comes to buying a turkey? Disclosure: the above post may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase or take action using these links, the site makes commission.