Mastering Chemistry Chapter 1 Answer Key

Anything that has mass and takes up space, composed of particle. Any characteristic of matter thst allows us to recognize.

Heterogeneous mixture: potato salad and gravel. A sample of wine consists of water, sugar, some amount of ethyl alcohol, and grape juice. These ingredients blend together uniformly to give clear and tasty wine. A copper foil is made from copper, absolutely free of impurities.

A sample of beach sand contains sand particles of different colors, small pebbles, and also shells. Each component contains different metals and minerals. Like SEO Group Buy, The pebbles and shells can easily be separated from the sand. A balloon is filled with pure carbon dioxide.

You are given a sample resembling silver. Which of the following properties could be used to help determine whether the sample is really silver? -the melting point of the sample. -carbon monoxide is produced by the combustion of gasoline. -most of the ozone is created as a byproduct of human-created photochemical smog.

In a laboratory experiment, a fermenting aqueous solution of glucose and yeast produces carbon dioxide gas and ethanol. The solution was heated by burning natural gas in a Bunsen burner to distill the ethanol that formed in the flask. During the distillation, the ethanol evaporated and then condensed in the receiving flask. The flame of the burner was kept too close to the bottom of the flask and some of the glucose decomposed into a black carbon deposit on the inside of the flask. During this experiment the following changes occurred.

It reacts with chlorine to form zinc chloride. It is cold to touch. How many milliliters of liquid does the smaller graduated cylinder contain? How many milliliters of liquid does the larger graduated cylinder contain? 1.5 L. If you could use only one of these graduated cylinders, which graduated cylinder would more precisely measure a given volume of liquid? the smaller graduated cylinder.

A particular brand of gasoline has a density of 0.737 g/mL at 25 ∘C. How many grams of this gasoline would fill a 12.7 gal tank (1US gal=3.78L)? 3.54 x 10^4 g. A block of metal has a width of 3.2 cm, a length of 17.1 cm, and height of 4.5 cm. Its mass is 1.3 kg.

Calculate the density of the metal. 310.2 K. Rank the size of a change in temperature of one degree Fahrenheit, one degree Celsius, and one kelvin. In other words, if a thermometer were to show that the temperature outside increased by these amounts, which change would feel the largest?

If any of the options are the same magnitude, stack them above one another. Rank the sizes of one degree in each scale from largest to smallest. To rank items as equivalent, overlap them. 45.0 g. A bakery measured the mass of a whole cake as 0.870 kg. A customer bought one slice of the cake and measured the mass of the slice as 0.1151 kg. What is the mass of the remaining cake, without the one slice? 0.755 kg.

An unknown object is placed on a balance, which then reads 6.118 g. Its volume is measured to be 3.04 cm3. Find the density of this object by dividing mass by volume. Rank the data sets in decreasing order of precision. -set 3. The accepted density of the sugar solution is 1.394 g/mL.

Based on the average value of each data set, rank the data sets in decreasing order of accuracy. The conversion factor relating miles to meters is 1mile=1610m. 6.71 x 10^8 miles/h. The conversion factor relating feet to meters is 1ft=0.305m. Keep in mind that when using conversion factors, you want to make sure that like units cancel leaving you with the units you need.

You have been told that a certain house is 164 m2 in area. How much is this in square feet? 1760 ft^2. In the course of a conversation, you observe that three of your friends like horror movies. Horror movies happen to be your favorite type of movie as well. You also know that all of these friends were born in the same week that you were, even in the same year. An astrology-loving friend hypothesizes that people born in that week like horror movies more than other genres of movies.

You decide to use the scientific method to test this hypothesis. Which of the following experiments would best test your hypothesis? refine your hypothesis. You wash dishes for a chemistry laboratory to make extra money for laundry. You earn 12 dollars/hour, and each shift lasts 75 minutes. Your laundry requires 12 quarters/load. 2 shifts. 15 loads.

If matter is uniform throughout and cannot be separated into other substances by physical processes, but can be decomposed into other substances by chemical processes. The term used to describe the capitalist, or market economy, ideology whereby people aspire to ever-higher standards of living and material consumption. By College By High School By Country.

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